What is life?

I know I said this blog would try and steer clear of deep, philosophical questions and ponderings on serious issues, however as soon as I told my best friend Jen I wanted to start a blog her first reaction was “You have to do a post on ‘What is life?’” Not long after more of my friends and even my mum jumped on the band wagon and said I needed to write about this.

Obviously I don’t mean it literally, who knows what it’s all about? Instead it’s a phrase which we used to try and conjure up feelings of the situation that we are in.

The following subjects are usually what spurs this question:

  1. CAREER.
    Myself and my friend (in fact most of my friends) have served our time in hospitality and you know when you’re on a 12 hour shift and someone starts moaning about where their garlic bread is after 0.17374939283 seconds of ordering? Yeah, “what is life?”
    Also, what happens when you’re in your twenties still trying to figure out where your career path should go? Sorry Taylor, but unfortunately your idealistic view of 22 is pretty non-existent.
    Remember the good old days when your student loan paid the rent? How about whatever I’ve earnt this month is not going on a Topshop spree but my car MOT, service, finance, petrol and insurance on top of every other bill I have to pay? Not much left for that dress I was eyeing up.
    “I’m not so good with the advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”  comes to mind with this one. The umbrella term of ‘Relationships’ isn’t just limited to just your other half, it includes friendships too. Let’s face it, I hear that by the time you’re in your mid-twenties you’re lucky if you’ve about six friends left.

Whilst I may not have actually answered the question, in terms of figuring life out, I’ve just decided to go with it.


Tori x




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