I’ll be very honest, I’m not the most travelled person in the world (ironically considering I currently work in travel), nonetheless I feel like over the past few years I feel like I have spent the majority of my life in an airport or bus depot.

Whilst location-wise the furthest and probably only extravagant (AKA BEST TIME OF MY LIFE) holiday I have ever had was to Mexico, oh and how can I forget that amazing holiday to Benidorm when I was 18… when I initially moved to uni I felt very far away from home.

I would be lying if I said my blood didn’t boil when I used to hear my fellow students complain about their “treks” home. “Oh I had to make two train changes!” Mate it takes me an average 12 hours to get home. I once heard someone complain that their parents were late picking them up. I had to bite my tongue so hard in order to refrain from asking them if they were actually for real.

Going home at peak uni work times and Christmas was the worst. I don’t even know why I attempted to take books with me when I didn’t even use them when I went home. This usually resulted in trying to dodge staff at the gate checking hand-luggage sizes when I knew too well my bag was never going to fit into that metal thing which is about four times smaller than the actual overhead locker. On the other hand, I have now learnt a great skill of taking the minimal amount of stuff I need to go somewhere and how to pack it all compactly in a tiny case.

I’m going to sound like an old woman now, but compared to when I was at uni booking flights home is so much cheaper. However, as much as I can’t complain about getting a return flight to Ireland for less than 20 quid with RyanAir, I do have to question their logic on why it was cheaper for me to book myself on a return flight than it was to book a 15kg suitcase on one way?! Hand luggage it is then!

*Touch wood* I’ve only ever missed a flight once. It was of course when I was in my first year going home at Christmas, I embarrassingly slept in. As my mum says, “You do it once, you won’t do it again.” Safe to say *touch wood* I haven’t. Instead I literally set about 15 alarms for before I’m due to get up. I also make sure that I leave myself extra time for getting to the airport, this usually it means sitting in Starbucks for about 3 hours, but after I nearly missed a flight from Dublin because the security queue was (no exaggeration) as far back as the baggage drop, I vowed I would never have to experience something so horrifying again – I HAD TO RUN THROUGH THE AIRPORT TO GET MY FLIGHT.

I fly into Dublin more than Belfast usually because flights are cheaper, although it’s pretty handy that location-wise I can fly into either, but I love flying into Dublin. I genuinely tend to dodge the biometric passport reader just so I can have the guy at passport control saying “Fáilte.” One time I hadn’t been home in ages and I genuinely cried when they said “Welcome home Victoria.” Even the Bus Éireann “Stand clear luggage doors operating” voice gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling of being back home again.

If you are about to start uni or having to take all your stuff home, I really recommend UniBaggage, it’s so handy and so much cheaper than having to take a load of suitcases with you.

You would literally think from this post that I was living in Australia or somewhere a million miles away, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, no matter where you are there is literally no better feeling than coming home.


Tori x


3 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. aideen says:

    I love this! I’ve just finished my first year at uni and I think you’re so right, it doesn’t matter how happy you are living away, nothing beats that feeling of coming home!


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