Fashion Blog Attempt #1: What to wear to a wedding


As much as I would love to be the next Megan Ellaby (aka the best fashion blogger EVER), I am definitely not trendy enough to be the next up and coming fashion blogger. However, this month I had the chance to get dressed up for two weddings and I thought it would be a lovely little excuse to put a piece together on my outfit choices.

I love getting dressed up, it’s very rarely I actually have the chance to go get my hair done, take longer than five minutes on my make-up and pop on a pretty dress. I was so excited to get the opportunity to do so twice this month when two of my dear friends got married, and much to my boyfriend’s disapproval, this meant a considerable amount of shopping trips until I found the right outfits.

I can’t even begin to explain the difficulty I had finding one dress let alone two, if you end up like I did with two events close together but you want separate outfits (mainly for the Facebook photos), I suggest going for outfits with the same colour scheme so you can use the same shoes and accessories. It saves you not only money, but a lot of time trying to find things to match.

I also can’t forget to mention the fun that was had trying to decide what suits and ties Nat would wear too!

Outfit #1

Miss Selfridge

This dress I found just on a whim one day when I went into Outfit, I don’t usually like tops that don’t have sleeves but I thought this dress was so cute and perfect for summer.


The colour stood out straight away, the duck egg blue is absolutely gorgeous. Floral patterns are also always a hit and they never go out of fashion.

Dress sorted, it was time to start planning my actual look for the day.

As mentioned beforehand, I ended up recycling my accessories for both the weddings. I teamed this dress up with a dusty pink H&M blazer I had already, thankfully I didn’t need it as the day of the wedding was so sunny, however I didn’t trust the Welsh weather!


13523915_10154279360332641_1732402553_o (1).jpg

When it comes to shoes, I tend to avoid heels like the plague. On nights out I will happily wear flats, but due to the length of my other dress, and because I wanted to look a bit more dressy I ventured for heels. I found these in New Look, the heel itself was so comfy as it was chunky and it matched my jacket perfectly. They were less than £20 too so they were a bargain!



My favourite thing about planning an outfit is finding the accessories to go with it. For this dress I didn’t want to overload it with too much jewellery as the dress itself was quite simple, so I kept the accessories very girly and delicate. I found these rose earrings in H&M and the bracelet and rings are from faithful Primark. It does annoy me how quickly things tarnish from Primark, for rings especially I tend to paint a layer of clear nail varnish on them to make them last a little bit longer.

It was such a fabulous day, the weather was amazing and it was so lovely to catch up with all my old work pals.

13518091_10154279360562641_1825430440_o 13555848_10154279360607641_563242347_o.jpg 13569856_10154279360637641_973682844_o.jpg

Outfit #2

New Look

This outfit was purchased in Liverpool, pre-Busted concert when much to my boyfriend’s dismay he was dragged round the whole city to help me find a dress. I found this long floral number in New Look, I loved the length of it as it made me look so much taller!


With this outfit, in a nutshell I was aiming for ‘boho-chic’. When I went to get my hair done I asked if I could look like a hippy (what many people say I was in a previous life).

Keeping with the hippy/boho theme I went for a lot of gold bangles and rings for accessories. Once again I was very impressed with what gems I discovered in Primark and these rose gold earrings I have got so much wear out of since the wedding.

Some of the bangles featured here are by a Belfast based company called Karma. I can’t rave about them enough, they have really beautiful pieces and donate some of their sales to charity. Their rustic look added to the outfit, and they matched the rest of the jewellery perfectly.


(L-R: Bangle: Chrysalis, Bangles: Karma, Cuff: Primark, Watch: eBay, Gold feather bracelet: Primark, Cord feather bracelet: Manchester Christmas Markets).

I ventured to Topshop and H&M to get my final pieces, I love layering necklaces and I fell in love with these two instantly. Do you think I had enough feathers on the jewellery?


Feather necklace: H&M, Layered chain: Topshop

I had such a lovely time both these days, Ali’s wedding was at home so it was wonderful to go back and see my old school friends as it’s been so long since we have had a proper catch up.


Well I’m no Megan Ellaby, but if you have any weddings or summer parties coming up I hope this may have given you some inspiration. Finding an outfit for a summer wedding is so hard when you are relying on British weather, although I recommend playing it safe and taking an umbrella and some sunnies with you just in case.

Tori x



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