Initially I had planned on doing a review of the Beyoncé concert in Manchester that I went to last week, but it’s Beyoncé therefore you don’t even need to, because let’s face it she was FLAWLESS.

However, I will share a few of my highlights which will probably take me all night to write because the whole thing needs to be mentioned.

I need to start off by saying how much I adore Beyoncé. The home stretch of my degree consisted of listening to Run the World on repeat to motivate me to finish my assignments and my mum sent me this to inspire me further:


In the end I got a first in my dissertation and a 2:1 in my degree and I basically owe it all to Beyoncé.


I was lucky enough to have seen the I Am… Tour in Dublin back in 2009 and still revel in the fact that at one point I was about a metre away from the Queen.


Back then I couldn’t get over how good she was live, a YouTube video doesn’t do her performances half the justice of how truly fabulous they are, and this year was no exception. Admittedly, due to height issues I struggled to see, however the big screens made it a lot easier to view what can only be described as one of the best one and bit hours of my life.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t listened to the whole Lemonade album in full yet, but because Beyoncé puts on such a show it doesn’t matter if you have never heard the material before.

A few of my favourite songs include: Partition, Diva and Crazy In Love, so I was besotted when she performed them. Although when the 50 Shades… version kicked off Crazy In Love I exclaimed “Eh, where are the trumpets?” Beyoncé doesn’t disappoint. The second verse led into that iconic brass section that we all know so well. This preceded Bootylicious, I do love a good mash-up.


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a bit teary at the gig. Her performance of 1+1 was beautiful and then she always gives a motivational speech just to give you that extra push you need in life. One of the most emotional moments was undoubtedly her tribute to Prince. The grounds stood in silence as the screens went purple and the wonderful Purple Rain played.

As mentioned beforehand, you don’t really need a concise song-by-song review for a Beyoncé concert as the entire thing is amazing. Although for next time I am definitely contemplating paying extra money for a front-row view or simply just wearing heels, as I previously noted how my height caused great viewing difficulties.

If I was forced to pick on anything that could enhance the concert it would simply be the addition of a few songs such as Get Me Bodied and Freakum Dress (although this was briefly sampled). I am being biased as they are my favourites, however I was very surprised that Single Ladies wasn’t performed. But whatever, I’m just being fussy for the sake of it.


All in all, The Formation Tour undeniably gets 5 stars, 10/10… Beyoncé slayed.



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