A Survival Guide to Moving House

I have to apologise that I have two posts in a row relating to housing and properties, but at the moment all I have on the brain is moving house.

I hate househunting, my last experience wasn’t a good one. This time however, things went a bit more smoothly. One of the main reasons for this I can wholly attribute to the fact that I’m not looking by myself, hence how last time I ended up in a house share. 

There are a few bits and pieces to note when househunting. Note: I am talking renting not buying, because that’s just way too grown up.

Firstly, obviously know your budget. Whether moving alone or with someone, there’s no point going somewhere that you’ll be worried about the price of rent every month. Looking in areas with lower council tax is one way to save a bit of money, and of course when you move, those little things to save electric by not leaving every light on in the house or avoiding keeping your phone charger plugged in 24/7.

Area is another thing to consider. If you’ve got a car happy days, but if you have to get a train or bus you don’t want being stranded on a Sunday because there’s no public transport running. I’m from Northern Ireland so I know this can happen.

Similarly with budgeting, you need to work out if you want a furnished or unfurnished house. I opted for furnished, as much as I would love that grand trip to IKEA, I haven’t won the lottery recently. However, charity and second hand shops, Shpock and eBay are excellent places for picking up bits and pieces of furniture.

The Big Move

Depending on where you are and where you’re moving to, a lot depends on how you’re going to cart stuff around easily. Thankfully where I used to work it was a big delivery week and they were very generous in the amount of boxes they gave us to pack stuff into. If you work in retail or hospitality or know someone who does, they usually have loads of boxes going spare which you could ask to have if you’re moving. In terms of actually transporting all my belongings I’m using my car, but for long distances if you’re at uni especially, as I mentioned in my post about travelling home here, I highly recommend using UniBaggage.

The most stressful thing about relocating, isn’t actually the moving, it’s finding the house and sorting the contract. We had that much paperwork and proof of identity to send off, I was waiting for them to come back and ask for blood type and fingerprints alongside the credit check.

Either way, there are easy ways of getting round moving. Speak to people who have moved in the area before, they can advise on estate agents, what kind of things to look out for when viewing houses, or even if their own landlords have any free properties available.
Right now all I can think about is how much I can’t wait to be all moved in and sit on the sofa with a cuppa.

I’ll try to make my next post nothing to do with moving house… unless it’s a homeware haul of pretty things I’m besotted with in my new house 😊

Tori x


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