The Curse of Social Media

It’s quite ironic that just after I’ve regained the internet back into my life after a week or so of moaning that it hadn’t been set up in my new house that I chose to write a post about ‘The Curse of Social Media.’ For the time I spent without it, I had limited internet access on my phone so there wasn’t much of a chance to have my usual check-ups on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

I’m quite an avid user of these social media platforms, like most people nowadays, however I feel the more time I spend on them the more I tend to end up with a lower self-esteem and feeling annoyed that my life isn’t as exciting as other people’s, yet I still choose to browse.

This is by no means an “oh woe is me post,” instead one which depicts how I feel in general about how social media can affect our own personal lives and opinions. The 21st Century has generally evolved into the “Social Media Generation;” how many times on public transport have you spotted someone trying to casually send a Snapchat on the DL or know everything that friend you met on holiday five years ago is up to because they check-in EVERYWHERE? This is also the era of The Beauty Blogger and Professional Instagrammers, people who get paid to show off their new make-up and designer handbags and let’s face it, it’s very easy to feel a bit sad that your life is nowhere near as glamorous, as I tend to do.

I’ll be very honest, I have a very bad tendency of comparing myself to other girls. I often find myself having a scroll through people’s photos questioning why I don’t have her hair, her figure, THAT job… Again, I still continue to do so, and end up feeling pretty depressed about it. I tend to forget how easy it is to make your life sound a lot more exciting than it really is on the internet. People showing off their latest holiday destinations, or nights out which probably weren’t that great anyway. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with people from way back when, and in general social media is a great platform to promote businesses and as I know, my own blog. After I finished uni I had even planned to do a Master’s in Social Media just because of how influential it is becoming in this day and age, but when does the personal side of social media go too far?

It’s very easy to get absorbed into it. Do you get annoyed if your profile picture hasn’t hit 30 likes? Not enough retweets? Insta filter not making your photo look artsy enough? I could go onto my point of how I feel like phones should be banned at concerts but that’s a completely separate topic.

I need to start learning that not everyone looks that good without that Instagram filter, people only tend to put the exciting, fun bits of their life up on Facebook and as good as that person’s dream job sounds it’s probably pretty stressful. I also need to stop comparing what I feel is a pretty boring, mediocre day-to-day life to my jetsetter friend’s life (as much as I would love to be on that plane to the sun).  It’s time to stop trawling through that newsfeed and learn to be happy with my own surroundings and interests and who I am as a person, not that Facebook acquaintance.

Tori x


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