A reflection on 2016: Do we really need to go there?

I think the last thing that we all need right now is to look back on 2016. We only need to look at the news or the internet to see what all has been happening in the world this year. I keep joking that 2016 doesn’t deserve an Instagram collage, however at this time of year I’m all about reflecting on my own personal life and what I can attempt to do better in the forthcoming year.

Earlier this year I started this little blog. Needless to say in 2017 I really do need to blog more (resolution #1). Little did I know that through it I would end up presenting my own radio show and start writing for an online music magazine. Something my 16 year old self only could have dreamed of! These are definitely been the things I am most proud of and these have taught me how important it is to work hard. Whether it’s getting up two hours earlier to do some writing or planning or just dedicating time to something more productive than trawling through my Facebook newsfeed. These experiences also taught me to just go for something, if you don’t ask you don’t get!


Whilst these things have kept me going this year, recently I’ve been juggling my thoughts between ‘How can I get my dream job?’ to ‘Should I go back to university?’ Because in this day and age it looks like having one degree isn’t enough to get my dream job. I’ll leave 2017 to figure that one out… and hopefully my head too. In 2014 I had planned to do a Master’s (sure I even dedicated a whole post to it) and this year in particular my mind has often wandered to that big fat ‘What if I had done it?’ My definite resolution for next year is to stop living in the past. I spend too long dwelling on the ‘what ifs?’ and regrets of yesteryear, and whilst reflection on these is a good thing, mentally and emotionally it’s not good or healthy to focus on them too much.

Work has been my main focal point of 2016, in April I said goodbye to an amazing team and a job that I learnt so much from, but alas my time in hospitality was up. I joined the 9-5 life and it definitely took some adjusting to. I think it’s safe to say when you join the office life you need to make sure that you’ve found something that you can actually get adjusted to. This year I especially learnt that life is too short to not be happy, if you don’t like something then simply don’t do it. Everything is experience at the end of the day, a musing I’ll definitely be taking into the new year. As I said in my post about social media (self-promo alert) it’s so easy to get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel lost, sad or inadequate several points this year because I’m forever wondering and aching for where I want to be in life just because everyone else appears to have it figured out.


Every year I vow I’ll try and save up money but this year was significantly harder when all my favourite artists decided to go on tour. Music is my first love and as cheesy and ghastly as it sounds, for me there is no better feeling than hearing your all time favourite band performing your favorite song. Getting to go to some amazing gigs with my best friends has undoubtedly been the highlights of this year for me. Not to mention I had my first (almost) moshpit experience when I saw Enter Shikari in February. I also can’t forget to mention that 2016 saw the loss of one of the world’s most iconic musicians, and undoubtedly one of my all time favourites, Prince. It still breaks my heart that I will never get to experience one of his live shows.


2016 also seen me take the big step of moving in with my other half. He didn’t even pay me to write this bit but it has been the best few months. It was inevitable we would learn more about each other and mainly how to put up with each other daily!

This year I’ve celebrated engagements and marriages, I’ve seen loss, but the thing that I experienced the most this year was change. I briefly mentioned resolutions, losing two stone and winning the lottery are obviously top of my list for 2017, but in general it’s to keep persevering, staying positive and trying to reach a goal that I want. I keep vowing to move cities but in all honesty I’m just seeing where the year takes me.

I hope you all have a fabulous one.

Tori x


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