Fashion Blog Attempt #2: The January Sales

Last year I attempted to be a “Fashion Blogger” that one time,  and in all honesty, over the past few months I’ve purposely avoided trying to go on big clothes hauls (much to the approval of my bank account). However, as the January sales hit, I couldn’t resist picking up a few bits in the sales (mainly Primark) and thought what better way at attempting to keep my New Year’s resolution of blogging more by showcasing the pieces here?!

Apologies in advance for the awkward poses, but it was the best I could do for a mannequin. …Oh and ignore the messy mirror too.

1. Work attire

I’m very lucky that in work we have a smart/casual dress code, but some days I like to go for the all out “Yeah I’m ready for business” look. Adapted from my restaurant managing days, when I need to look smart for work I simply go for black trousers, the nice top and a black blazer. Sorted.

I picked up the following tops in Primark, the first two on the left were only TWO POUNDS each. Happy days.

2. The casuals

I’ve basically dressed the same since the age of 14. Skinny jeans, t-shirt and trainers of some sort. My Converse tragically passed away last year and I’ve sadly yet to replace them but my plain black Primarni numbers have surprisingly lasted me almost a year.

For the past few years now I’ve been craving a massive oversize shirt, perfect for hiding food babies when I head out for a meal. I came across this stripey number a few weeks ago in a charity shop and I feel like my life is finally complete after finding it.


3. The party wear

I am absolutely obsessed with this outfit, and also mainly because it was the biggest bargain ever. It was my boyfriend’s sister’s 21st so naturally, I needed a new outfit. I discovered the gem of a navy skirt on the Primark sale rail for a fiver!!! I’d been eyeing up the purple metallic clutch for a while, and I was truly blessed to find the most awesome silver shoes in Outfit. I had an absolute nightmare trying to find a top (and something that didn’t make it look see through) but in the end again, it was Primark to the rescue. The whole outfit cost me less than twenty quid.

I’ve also managed to recycle the skirt for work. I’m all about the granny chic and teamed with the cardigan I definitely look like I’m 70.


I’m well kitted out for the next while, have you picked up any January bargains?

Tori x


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