London Calling

At the end of last month I was lucky enough to be treated to a trip to London by my best friend. It was the perfect time for a mini-break, Christmas seems like a life-time ago and we still have a while to wait before summer (hopefully) appears.


I’ve been to London numerous times to visit family, but it’s very rare I get to experience the tourist bits of it. Given how many steps I walked that weekend, I definitely did a fair bit of sightseeing!



We travelled down on the Friday, rule #1 of going to London: PRE-BOOK TRAIN SEATS. Our train was packed but luckily Jen was on it and pre-booked our seats. With phone chargers at the table we were good to go.

On the Friday evening we went full tourist mode. From sitting in an office all week, it was good to get out and do some walking and also see some sights. It’s very rare that me and my pals are altogether at once so it was so nice to just go for a walk and catch up. After a stroll to see Big Ben and the Queen, we had definitely worked up an appetite. We had dinner at Planet Hollywood, by this point my phone had died so I’ve sadly no photos, but the food and cocktails were incredible! We had a few drinks after, but nothing too heavy as Saturday was another filled day.

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On Saturday morning the girls went off to Harry Potter world, which is one million percent on my bucket list! Ste and I had a very different day and were off to see the Arsenal football stadium.

We were staying at a Travelodge in Vauxhall, it was right beside the tube which was really handy to get to. Breakfast in the hotel was a standard buffet, enough to set us up for the day. My sense of direction isn’t great at the best of times, and especially not on the tubes, but thankfully Ste knew where we were going!

My only experience of football is from living with a Burnley fan, I’ve even shocked myself that I can name some of the players, but in all honesty I’ve had no choice but to get interested. For someone who isn’t a hardcore football fan I really enjoyed my trip to the Emirates! We did the stadium tour so we got to see pretty much everything. If you pre-book it’s not too expensive either, so I’d definitely recommend if there’s an Arsenal fan in your life.


After the tour we literally walked the whole of London, making sure to have numerous coffee stops along the way. After seeing Tower Bridge we found the Borough Markets and went to see The Shard. Dinner on Saturday night was at Bubba Gump Shrimp, if you’re into seafood and are a Forrest Gump fan then here is a definite must.


Our train on Sunday morning was quite early, but still gave us enough time to grab a quick (essential) Starbs, and it was back up north we went.

If you are planning a trip to London, it’s pretty self-explanatory that it’s a vibrant city with plenty to see and do, especially with a group of friends. If you’re booking the train, pre-booking well in advance, a railcard and sites such as Trainline and will save you money on tickets. Also being that customer with vouchers on Vouchercloud and O2 Priority can also save you a bit of dollar on meals and days out.

I’m definitely ready for another trip with this fabulous bunch again.



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