The Rankin Selection: A Taste From Home

In 2011 I moved away from Northern Ireland to study at the University of Chester. Over the past few years whilst living in England, I am constantly craving food from back home. You can imagine my excitement when on St. Patrick’s Day (how fitting!) I received some goodies from the lovely folk at Rankin Selection.


Any student can agree that a fry is a necessary essential after a night out. Despite not being a student anymore, an Ulster Fry was definitely on the cards after St. Paddy’s weekend! When I came home from work on the Saturday, my other half had already helped himself to the ingredients in the food package, so he was definitely doing the cooking on Sunday morning!

Rankin Selection had kindly included the following simple recipe which had some great tips and advice for creating the perfect Ulster Fry:


Coming from a farming background, my dad has religiously taught me to support local produce, so it was such a treat to receive sausages from back home! I chose to cook the sausages on the grill with some bacon, and they were absolutely amazing, and had the most incredible flavour.

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of fried eggs, so I always opt for scrambled when having a fry. The breads from the Rankin Selection were a perfect combination with all the ingredients. It’s been too long since I had Irish potato slims and soda bread, it was the best breakfast I’ve had in a long time!


I was also spoilt with a variety of breads from the Rankin Selection. Bread and cakes are undoubtedly the key to my heart, so it was such a fabulous treat to receive these! It was so good to have a different variety of breads to try from, rather than the boring brown bread which I occasionally have for my sandwiches at lunch!


I haven’t eaten brown soda bread in years, and after trying these I will definitely be incorporating it back into my diet. I just simply toasted the bread and added a bit of butter, but you could add some toppings such as tomato (something my dad does!) if you wish. I usually find brown bread quite dry, but this was far from your usual cardboard-like wheaten bread, I nearly scoffed the whole loaf in one go it was that good!


In my selection there were also a number of fruit breads, which when toasted made my kitchen smell glorious! I definitely recommend toasting these breads, as they are perfect with a cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

Barmbrack always reminds me of Halloween, remember being small and trying to find a ring in the loaf? This sweet bread took me back to my childhood.

The Irish Fruit Loaf was slightly lighter than the barmbrack, but equally as good! Again slightly toasted with some butter was perfection.

My favourite from the collection was the Irish Cinnamon and Raisin Teacake. I add cinnamon to nearly everything as it is one of my favourite flavours, and after being toasted my kitchen smelt heavenly. I treated myself to this with a coffee for breakfast and it set me up for the morning. I’ve got such a bad habit of snacking between breakfast and lunch, but these teacakes kept me going until lunchtime.


When I visited my local Morrisons this week I was very happy to discover that some of the breads from the Rankin Selection were available to purchase here too, so in England I can get my fix of food from home!

For a girl in dire need of some traditional home food, the Rankin Selection definitely ticked all the boxes. Thanks so much to the team for all these delicious treats! If you’re in dire need of a decent fry, or just something to go along with your cuppa, these are undeniably your go-to!

Tori x

Find out more about the Rankin Selection here:

You can also follow them on Twitter: @RankinSelection


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