For the past three years my best friend Ste and I made a pact that we had to see Ed Sheeran live. I was beyond surprised when a few months ago I received a text that he had managed to purchase tickets, despite the amount of disappointed fans who had attempted to get their hands on them.

Looking back over the past number of months, it’s only May and 2017 has undoubtedly been the year of The Sheeran. His album tracks have dominated the top 40, and Divide has become the fastest-selling album by a male artist (shout out to Wikipedia for the fact).

Having heard positive reviews of Ed Sheeran live, and a decent album setlist I had high hopes for this concert and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

When the first supporting act arrived on stage I was pleasantly surprised to hear a familiar Northern Irish accent! Ryan McMullan, a singer-songwriter from County Down, undoubtedly lit up the stage with his beautiful acoustic style. I definitely recommend checking out his stuff on Spotify, I’ve currently got O’Susannah on repeat.


Anyone who is familiar with Anne-Marie will recognise the catchy Ciao Adios, and of course Rockabye with Clean Bandit and Sean Paul. Hearing her was one of those moments when you hear someone sing live and you immediately go ‘Omg they’re actually amazing!’ Anne-Marie has got a bit of a reggae-pop vibe, but when she performed ‘Perfect,‘ a ballad track, you can see her versatile talent and range. I’m so excited to hear her full album now.


Ed Sheeran does not need to be ‘reviewed.’ He’s so freakin’ talented I’m still trying to comprehend it. I didn’t really know what to expect from the concert in terms of a band or production, but it was far from him simply standing on stage strumming a guitar. He single-handedly managed to put on an incredible show, armed with his guitar and with his voice projecting throughout the arena. He managed to create an awesome atmosphere, and nothing gives me the feels more than hearing the fans singing their favourite songs back to the artist.


Like any decent gig, you can’t forget about the encore. Ed reappeared on stage to the song that’s been engraved in my brain for the past few months, the catchy Shape of You. My highlight has to be the final song, You Need Me, I Don’t Need You, he had managed to keep up the momentum and energy on stage right until the very end where his rapping skills were showcased.


It’s easy to see why 2017 has been the year of The Sheeran. The tracks on Divide are beautifully written, and if you’re lucky enough to see Ed live you’ll see just how talented he actually is.

It’s always a joy to spend some time with this crazy bunch, and what better way than a good gig?!

Tori x



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